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hannabethicons's Journal

Hanna Beth Icons
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Hey and welcome to Hanna Beth Icons!  HBI is a place for all lovers of Hanna Beth to post graphics that they have made featuring her.  You will find icons, banners, wallpapers and other occasional graphics including Hanna Beth.

Please remember that posting access is open to all members and they are currently un-moderated.  If members violate these privileges, posts will have to be moderated.

1. Please credit the makers of icons, its common curtesy.
2. Please post Hanna Beth graphics only, other scene queens are exceptions.
3. You may X-post, but links to locked journals/communities will be deleted.
4. This is not a FS community, so please don't ask for them.  You may request icons, but please be specific.
5. Do not claim others icons as your own.
6. Feedback is nice, but please don't criticise the makers.
7. Please don't hotlink.  You can use free image hosts, like
Photobucket to upload your photos.

 Please upload the buttons to your own server.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

miss_hannabeth, cryingbloodx, audreykicons, thelovelink, flyleafgraphics, hifi_icons, fvckgraphics, xhollow.
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